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Model FJ-8A Service Parts Catalog September 1975
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GENERAL This catalog is an illustrated list of repair parts for AM General model FJ 8A vehicles CATALOG ARRANGEMENT This catalog is divided into major sections in the sequence shown on the title page Major sections are divided into smaller groups of parts each with its own illustration Immediately following this introduction is a complete listing of all illustrations in this catalog The first page of each section also contains a listing for that section Illustrated items are numerically keyed to the text which is located on the facing page Figure numbers are located at the bottom of each illustration and also in bold type at the beginning of a description column Item numbers are keyed to illustrated items Alphabetical and Numerical Indexes are located at the end of the catalog PARTS SERVICED BY AM GENERAL The AM General Corporation will service virtually all of the repair parts for this vehicle except those which are more economical and or more practical to procure locally The principal items not serviced v are standard hardware tires batteries fuses lamp bulbs sealants lubricants adhesives paint and standard sizes and types of tubing hoses and electrical connectors and fittings ltems which are listed in this catalog but are not serviced are indicated by the legend l l S in the part number column SPECIAL TOOLS Special tools and equipment listed in this catalog are not offered for sale by AM General Information regarding their availability can be obtained from your AM General Service Representative or from the factory HOW TO LOCATE PARTS When function use or location is known Refer to the List of Illustrations When nomenclature is known Refer to the Alphabetical Index When part number is known Refer to the Numerical Index Il V I